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In Olen and surroundings you can walk carefree along canals, rivers and in forests, nature reserves, etc. Olen is located within different hiking networks and has 13 beautiful private walking routes.



You can cycle through the beautiful Kempen landscape along dike roads and towpaths and through cozy caps. Lusandre is located in the middle of the Flemish Cycle Junction Network at junction 63 Olen owns some nice cycling routes.



Ride with the Asian e-tuktuk through the Kempens landscape. Eight Asian e-tuktuks are available from the end of May to explore the countryside from the steam sawmill.



Pots of Olen. The fountain on the village square consists of three copper pots which symbolize the visits of Emperor Charles to Olen as it is told in the ‘Legend of the Pot’. This legend is perhaps Olen’s best-known product and makes that Olen is known far beyond our national borders.

Buulmolen. The Buulmolen dates back to 1362. In the night of 11 July 1744 the Buulmolen burned down and in 1994 after renovation the Buulmolen got its place in Olen again in 2003.

Locks and hydroelectric power station. The lock complex was built during the construction of the canal in the thirties and includes three locks and a road bridge. The hydroelectric power plant was integrated in the lock complex, which allows the water level in the canal to be maintained for navigation and also to generate green energy.

Olen Shopping Park. A very nice shopping park where many well-known shops are present, at only 2 km from Lusandre.

Radio Museum. The Olens radio museum is an association of lovers of old radios. Both history and technology come to mind here.

Tourist Tower Herentals. The tourist tower is a wooden lookout tower where you can look up to 31,655 km in all directions. The new tower has 112 wooden steps (the old one had 108). The total height of the wooden construction is 24 meters.

Tongerlo Abbey. The abbey was founded around 1130, for the Norbertines, and until the 13th century was a double monastery in which Norbertines lived. The abbey is freely accessible every day. From the 1st April to the 30th of September you can visit the abbey with a guide on Sunday at 2.30 pm.

Averbode Abbey. The abbey of Averbode was built around 1134. The south-eastern corner of the abbey wall is the actual three-province point (Antwerp, Limburg and Flemish Brabant) symbolized by three buttresses on the wall.

Wine estate Kapittelberg. The Kapittelhoeve was built according to a model of the Norbertine farm, the first plants were purchased in 1964 and in 1987 expanded to a vineyard of 7 ha.

  • Golfclub Witbos. The grounds of Golf Club Witbos are located in the middle of an old British army barracks. The Spartan character of this army base has been preserved as much as possible. More info:
  • Tennisclub Olen. Tennis club Olen is the ideal place to play tennis at democratic prices in a cozy atmosphere. It is a family club par excellence. More info:
  • The Waterral. Canoeing the Kleine Nete sail, the Kempen experience on the back of a horse, with mountain bike or bicycle, on foot or in a covered wagon … De Waterral arranges it for you! More info:
  • Ice Rink Herentals. The modern omni sport center is partly in a recreational area, partly in a nature area. You will find a very extensive and varied range of sports and recreational opportunities. More info:
  • Olens Broek. The Olens Broek is a beautiful nature reserve. The domain offers a variety of biotopes and walkers have a landscaped walkway. More info.
  • Domain Teunenberg. This nature domain is a former military domain of 64 hectares. Here, beautiful heaths with valuable rocky grasslands and varied forest edges are developing. More info.
  • Snepkensvijver. In Snepkensvijver-Heiberg in Herentals marsh, heath and forest go hand in hand. The soil conditions provide typical vegetation such as peat moss, heather, small sundew, cranberry and peat fluff. More info.
Theme Parks
  • Bobbejaanland. Bobbejaanland is a cozy Belgian family park, located in the Kempen with a variety of attractions, many of them covered.
    Ideal for a day trip with the whole family. More info.
  • Hydrodoe. An educational, interactive and fun center about water. For young and old. More info.
  • Lilse Bergen. Theme park with swimming pond, mini golf and playground. More info.
  • Ark of Noë. The Ark of Noë is a recreational domain with terrace, playground, fishing pond, etc. This is the ideal starting or arrival place for your kayak trip on the Kleine Nete. More info.
  • Netepark. Swimming pools and recreation area. More info.
Relaxation & Wellness
  • Buulse Bowling. For a game of bowling you are here at the right place. More info.
  • Minigolf Wolfstee. The 18-hole minigolf consists of long and wide strips of carpet and leads you to some Scottish plateau. More info.
  • Sauna Hezemeer. Hezemeer was voted the most beautiful sauna and wellness center in Belgium. In this public sauna center you will experience an exclusive wellness day in a unique setting and with all modern comfort. More info.
  • Aquasana. Cozy private sauna with two units. More info.
  • Instituut Elise. Fancy a relaxing wellness treatment or relaxation? You are very welcome in this private wellness complex! More info.
  • Gladiolen. International pop music festival. More info.
  • Keizer Karel Olen. The non-profit association Keizer Karel Olen annually organizes a very wide range of performances, performances, festivals, events, … for young and old. More info.
  • Olense Kartonale. Annual cartoon contest.