Terms and Conditions

  1. General booking conditions

When you book the holiday home, you agree to the following rental conditions. Please read them carefully when you want to book.
These general terms and conditions apply to the home located at B-2250 Olen, Eikenstraat 9.

Deviation from these conditions is only possible if the owner has agreed in advance and in writing. This written consent will then be stated on the booking confirmation. The tenant can therefore in no case claim the application of his possible general terms and conditions.

  1. Details of the landlord

André De Ceulaer ond. NP KBO 0890.544.132

Eikenstraat 9

2250 Olen

Mail. Lusandre@telenet.be

Tel: 0478 / 352.678

  1. Booking / reservation
  1. You can book by telephone or via the internet. These ways of booking are binding. With the recording of a booking order the general terms and conditions come into effect and are accepted integrally and without reservation by the booker / client. The client of this booking is jointly and severally liable for the fulfillment of the booking steps and the rental conditions.
  2. There are no booking costs associated with a booking as they are handled directly with the owner.
  3. Booking order and payments:
    1. Each booking is confirmed by the owner by means of a booking confirmation by e-mail.
    2. Within 5 days of receipt of this booking confirmation, a deposit of 30% of the rent plus the deposit must be paid. This makes the booking final. The remainder of the rent must be paid no later than 30 days before the start of the rental period. When booking within 30 days before the start of the rental period, you must pay the total rent + deposit within 5 days.
    3. In the event of late payment of the down payment and / or balance of the rent and / or guarantee, the owner is entitled to cancel the booked period for the rental of the holiday home. The deposit will always be fully refunded in case of cancellation.
    4. The processing of personal data necessary for reservation is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
  1. Cancel
  1. Grace period
    1. Except art. 4.2, you can cancel without charge within 5 days (= grace period), calculated from the booking date. You can do this in writing or by e-mail. By booking date is meant: the day of passing a booking order.
    2. In case of cancellation after these 5 days, the cancellation conditions described below apply.
    3. When booking within 30 days before the start of the rental period, this reflection period does not apply and the cancellation conditions apply as described below.
  2. Cancellation by tenant
    1. Cancellations must be communicated to the owner by letter or e-mail. For letters the date of the postmark is the date of cancellation. Soon after receiving the cancellation, the owner will send a cancellation confirmation by e-mail.
    2. In the event of cancellation within 5 days after booking, the provisions of article 4.1.1 will apply to the extent that the booking has not taken place within 3 weeks before the start of the rental period.
    3. In case of non (timely) payment (see article 3.3), cancellation after 5 days or for bookings that take place within 3 weeks before the start of the rental period, the following cancellation conditions apply:
    4. In case of cancellation up to the 30th day before the start of your stay, the cancellation costs are 30% of the rent.
    5. In case of cancellation between the 30th day and the 14th day before the start of your stay, the cancellation costs are 60% of the rent.
    6. In case of cancellation after the 14th day before the start of your stay, the cancellation costs are 80% of the rent.
    7. From 48 hours before the start of the rental period, the cancellation costs are 100%.
    8. In case of refunds on cancellation, the money will be refunded to the account number of origin. No exceptions are made to this!
  3. Cancellation insurance
    1. Cancellations that qualify for the cancellation insurance will be treated in accordance with the insurance conditions of your insurance company.
    2. The tenant is free to take out cancellation insurance with an insurance company of his choice. The costs of this are at the expense of the tenant.
  4. Cancellation by the landlord.
    1. If circumstances force the owner to cancel the booked holiday home, the tenant / booker will be notified immediately and the owner will immediately refund the amount already paid. The tenant / booker does not have any more or other right than to reclaim the amount already paid and waives any claim that would result from the cancellation of the booking by the landlord.


  1. Liability
  1. Liability of the tenant / prohibitions
    1. The rented holiday home must be occupied by the tenant, his co-tenants and his visitors with due care and care, with due regard for the peace and quiet of the surroundings.
    2. The tenant is liable for all damage caused by him / her, by co-tenants and by any visitors, even if these are only determined after his / her departure. The tenant undertakes by means of current general conditions to compensate for all damage that occurred during his / her stay. The holiday home is rented in perfect condition, so that any damage after departure of the tenant is considered to be damage that he / she caused.
    3. House rules present and / or provided at the holiday home are an integral and indivisible part of the rental agreement and must therefore be strictly complied with.
    4. The tenant must ensure that he does not cause noise nuisance to local residents. In case of infringement, all persons are removed from the holiday home without prior warning – without refund of rent.
    5. Furniture may not be moved.
    6. It is not allowed to make fire in the garden.
    7. It is forbidden to use the holiday home to organize parties and / or drinks parties. In the event of an infringement, the rental period is broken at the expense of the tenant without the tenant having any right to claim back the remaining rent (price).
    8. Smoking: it is totally forbidden to smoke in the house. Smoke detectors are installed. A fire extinguisher is provided in the entrance hall and in the living room. In the event of an infringement, the rental period is broken at the expense of the tenant without the tenant having any right to claim back the remaining rent (price).
    9. Pets are not allowed in the residence. This is strictly supervised. We also want to open the house to people suffering from allergies. The only and only exception to this rule are guide dogs, which must be reported to the owner in advance.
    10. All persons staying in the holiday home in accordance with the booking, even though the booking itself was only provided by the tenant / client, jointly and severally, and one in the absence of the other to all obligations, liabilities and damages arising from the reservation. / rent, including these terms and conditions.
  2. Liability insurance
    1. The tenant is deemed to be well insured for damage to third parties such as liability insurance (family insurance).
    2. The tenant is advised to insure his legal liability, for example in the case of the fire caused by him in the holiday home concerned. Please check with your insurance agent.
  3. Liability of owner
    1. The owner can not accept liability for loss, theft, damage or injury of any kind caused to tenants of the holiday home.
    2. The prices and costs clearly stated on the booking confirmation apply.
    3. The owner can not accept any liability for damage caused by, among other things, natural disasters, natural disasters, nuclear disasters, attacks, strikes, violent acts and coming into contact with an aircraft or parts thereof.
    4. There can be road works or construction activities in the vicinity of your holiday home. We can not accept responsibility or liability for any inconvenience, such as noise nuisance.
    5. The owner is not always present on site. Art. 2 of these conditions contain the contact details of the owner and / or caretaker. If necessary one can always contact one of these numbers.
  1. Maximum number of people
  1. In the description of the house the owner mentions the maximum number of persons that can stay in the holiday home. This number (including any sleeping guests) may not be exceeded under any circumstances. In case of overrun, the rental agreement is considered to have been dissolved by operation of law and access to the holiday home is refused without any claim for restitution of the rent.
  2. A child under the age is not counted as a full-fledged person, but must be mentioned in advance.
  3. When the maximum number of persons is exceeded, the regulations of the Flemish Region are no longer in order with regard to fire safety and fire insurance. Any damage, fines, costs and liabilities that result in exceeding the maximum number of persons admitted are at the expense of the tenant.
  4. If, after notifying the landlord, additional persons are staying in the holiday home, a claim of 25% of the rent per additional person will immediately be made, which will be deducted from the deposit.
  1. The end of the stay – Final cleaning
  1. End of the stay
    1. The rented holiday home must always be left tidy after your stay. This means clearing the house, putting everything back in its place, emptying trash cans, clearing the counter and putting the clean dishes in the cupboard and leaving the house tidy (broom clean).
    2. If the house and / or garden is in such a state that one does not get by with the standard cleaning hours, and / or in case no diligent is cleaned up, then the owner is entitled to a fixed compensation of 100.00 EUR that will are deducted from the rent guarantee, as compensation for the additional cleaning.
  2. Leave the home
    1. Upon departure, please turn off all lights and close the windows and doors. This is to prevent that there is still energy consumption that no one has anything to. If this has not been done, a surcharge may be charged amounting to EUR 15.00 x the number of nights to which this period applies, which will be deducted from the rental guarantee.
  1. Sort garbage
  1. You must sort the household waste. If this has not been done, the refuse will not be taken away by the pick-up service and a fine may follow. This fine will be increased by 50% and will be recovered from the tenant.
  2. The glass and earthenware can be brought by the tenant to the glass container or the container park.
  1. Linen
  1. When the house is put into use, the beds are always made up and ready for use. At the end of the rental you can leave the beds open and leave the sheets. Bedspreads remain. We ask not to wash the sheets themselves. They always go to the laundry to use them in an impeccable state.
  2. The bath linen is left behind at the provided place, in the bathroom.
  3. You leave the bathrobes behind in the bathroom on the coat racks.
  1. Arrival and departure
  1. Please strictly respect the arrival and departure hours. We, like you may have, like to arrive and stay in a neat holiday home. Therefore, there must be sufficient time for a good cleaning between the departure of previous guests and the arrival of the new guests.
  2. If your arrival time does not take place between 16: 00h and 18: 00h, we ask you to inform us in time by telephone.
  3. Arrival: the holiday home is available from 16: 00h, the day of reserved arrival.
  4. Departure time: 10: 00h the day following the last night of booking / booking.
  5. Departure and arrival times are always stated on the booking confirmation.
  1. Deposit
  1. The holiday home has valuables and the deposit serves to compensate for any accidents or damage, and subject to the provisions of art. 7.
  2. Complaints in connection with the inventory and existing damage will be accepted until 4 hours after your arrival. This must be reported to the owner.
  3. The control of the holiday home is done during the cleaning. It is therefore when brushing that one can determine damage, loss or breakage. On request one can obtain (in advance) a detail for the costs that are charged in case of damage or loss, whereby the owner reserves for damage that exceeds this estimate.
  4. When everything is left in good order, among other things in accordance with art. 7 of these conditions, and no damage or breakage has been detected, your deposit will be returned via bank transfer at the latest three weeks after your stay. These funds will be refunded to the account number of origin. No exceptions are made to this!
  5. If the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the tenant is obliged to transfer an additional payment within a week after request.
  6. A conflict about the possible damage is a conflict between the owner and the tenant. The owner decides on the deposit.
  7. Damage, breakage, suspicious findings, accidents and defective devices / installations must be immediately reported to the owner. Own (attempts to) repairs are not permitted and in case of breakage the piece or pieces must be kept so that the damage can be determined by the owner.
  8. It goes without saying that objects, appliances, installations, linen, etc. that are stolen from the home are charged in full on the rental guarantee and if this is not sufficient, an additional legal claim will be made.


  1. Disputes

On disputes regarding booking / reservation, payments, these general terms and conditions, the rental agreement and any liability, damages, interpretations and implementations in this respect, Belgian law is applicable. In the case of the above-mentioned procedure, only the Vredegerecht in Herentals is competent, in the event of any necessary extension only the Courts and Courts of Antwerp.